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Life’s Bowl of Nasty Words

by Richard Haxton

Mama told me don’t use nasty words
They will spin your life out of control
And I tried to do what mama said
But all my nasty words have took their toll
First there was that tiny little shucks
Then there was that darn it and that heck
I did not observe no lighting bolts
Did not feel no rope around my neck
How could one poor boy know
That an innocent little heck or shucks
Would lead directly to the hard stuff
I woke up in a world of shits and fucks
Now I’m on the street
Nobody is my friend
That’s me on the corner
The world’s gonna end
And if you come up to me with a kind word or good luck
You will receive in return
A shit on you and fuck you

Mama told me right and I should have heard
I ate all my dreams and turned them into turds
Now I’m swirling down life’s bowl of nasty words