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by Richard Haxton

Some say the human heart is dark and it was born to bleed
I say that heart has just one more dimension than it needs
The tough guys all say —Suck it up. The sissies sit and cry
I say don’t do either one. I say simplify
I can’t believe how good I feel since there is no more tension
Since I started living life in only two dimensions
Now I see my problems and I face them all head on
Cuz when I try to turn sideways — I disappear. I’m gone

I’ve lived and I’ve loved and I’ve laughed and I’ve cried
I may not look deep but I’ve looked far and wide
To find the perfect soul mate who knows just where I’m at
Now I’ve finally found her and she’s just like me. She’s flat

Some say the world is made of clay and it’s your job to shape her
But you’d be amazed how good she looks when she’s only on paper