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If You Get a Good Idea Don't Do It

by Richard Haxton

I fall down, I'm embarrassed, bust open my lip
But the moment I remember is right after I trip
What did I do between then and hitting the ground?
What do you do between the time you’re lost and you’re found?

It’s just like the moment right after a wreck
Some are jumping into action, some are craning their neck
Cuz that’s the holy moment when the world shines through
And you don’t know if you’re doing it or it’s doing you

You’re completely connected, you’re open, you feel
Ain’t no doubt about it, right now is real
You’re up on the horse, the saddle is gone
You wanna take that ride, you let go to hold on

You’re Einstein in the bathtub, you’re a bird in the air
This is the moment. Are you prepared? This is no time for thinking, it’s the time to go through it
So if you get a good idea don’t do it

Half of me is laughing — I’m glad it ain’t me
But the other half cries – If it was me I’d be free