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This Is Not Me

by Richard Haxton

You have to be true. Work hard and long
So no trace of you winds up in your song
You have to be pure, be your own detective
Just to make sure you’re always objective
Always avoid your own point of view
And don’t drop a clue that leads back to you
Always say us. Never say me
And you will achieve authenticity
Always stand well outside of yourself
To make sure they think that you’re somebody else
No personal cry, no personal laugh
Keep everything totally choreographed
So when they hear the electronic voice
It won’t limit their options, won’t limit their choice
So they won’t think you’re the villain or hero
Ask “What part is you?’ Cuz it’s absolute zero

This is not me
You’re listening to
It sounds like me it’s true
This is not me
You’re listening to
I do not do me. Do you?

Always be distant, always be hip
They’ll ask for the iceberg if you show them the tip