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A Question of Space

by Richard Haxton

The next time you find yourself standing in line
See how much space you need
Are you standing inside your comfort zone?
Where does your comfort turn into greed?

You need a lot in the US. Japan needs a lot less
In prison the world is one foot, an inch to a shot put
Is it something about how big you live?
Is it something about how much you can give?

Is it something about the size your heart?
When you draw your bottom line, where do you start?
Do you start from the edge of your skin?
Or does your line start from deep within?

Does it depend on what you know about you?
Does it depend on who you're standing next to?
Does it depend on whether you're cold or hot?
Does it depend on how much money you got?

If everything's hot you might need a bit more?
But the freezing cold can turn you into a whore
Cuz the sky's the limit when you need to stay warm
The sky's the limit to keep your baby from harm

So the next time your boss gets up in your face
Or your favorite corporation's gonna try to erase
Your good name, your reputation and your credit base
You can't keep up the pace
So you lose your place
You're searching the town
For a trace of God's grace
Maybe it all comes down
To a question of space