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Happy Matter

by Richard Haxton

The universe is mostly dark matter. That is what the scientists say
But when they tried to shine a light on it, dark matter just slipped away
They tried to creep up on it while it was sleeping, but dark matter was way too fast
They could solve the problem if they just changed the name, then we’d see dark matter at last

Tell me — How would you feel if you were real and in the majority
And the minority said everything about you was dark cuz they were too blind to see?
Sure you’d keep a low profile. You’d avoid them suckers like the plague
If they want dark matter to reveal itself they oughta call a meeting in The Hague

If they’d reframe and change that name
They’d make it proud to shout out loud

I’m happy matter
Step into my light
I’m happy matter
Got a little respect and now my future’s bright