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I Believe

by Richard Haxton

I believe when I walk out my door the world will still be there
I believe that gravity will keep its hold on the air
I believe when I step on the earth that I won’t fall through
I believe there’ll be a better day for me and you

I believe there’s a unifying principle to this place
I believe that it is not sex or age or race
I believe the one who says he knows what’s gonna come to pass
Should maybe try to wrestle his head out of his ass

I believe very deeply in the laws of probability
Whatever in the name of God those turn out to be
I believe in the theory of non-locality
And that my butt near the speed of light might approach infinity

This is the age of uncertainty and that breeds conformity
And that breeds rigidity and that breeds uncertainty in me

I believe in the beginning that there was the word
I believe the Saturday night before that the word was not heard
I believe that danger is always an easy sell
I believe that Vegas is the Spanish word for hell

I believe that most things around here are subject to change
And the ones that ain’t are way out of my price range
I believe that everybody else here is just like me
We all have our moments of uninterrupted clarity

Those moments when we all can fly and we all are free
And then we wake up and it’s back to reality