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Halleluiah = mc²

by Richard Haxton

If you were to rate yourself on a scale of one to ten
One end being ignorance and evil the other end
On one end you’re ruled by science, the other you’re ruled by sin
Where do you think you’d fit in, my friend?

Around the castle of your life do you confidently stride?
Or when you move from room to room do you like to hire a guide?
When you’re dancing with yourself do you follow? Do you lead?
Do you heal cuz you’ve forgotten how to bleed?

Will we live by the words of robots built only to detect
The mathematical contradictions of the politically correct?
Is it about a billion years ago and some genetic flaw?
Is it about what’s right or is it about the law?

Will we learn to live in the moment and set our spirits free?
Or will we find out that the moment ain’t what it’s cracked up to be?
Do you believe science can fix us before our moment’s gone?
Or that maybe heaven’s angels can sing us a unifying song?

Halleluiah. We bow our heads in prayer
Halleluiah = mc²