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The Church Of G. Boole

by Richard Haxton

Everybody needs an architect to help them understand the world
Instead of staring at the train wreck, now you can watch the mysteries unfurl
Now everything is in focus, all of your questions gone
Just so you can understand it all, we put it all in this song

No is zero and one is yes
To be a hero keep it simple so you never will get depressed
To find what’s sleazy, you need a diagnostic tool
Now it’s easy since you can worship in the church of George Boole

One, 0, yes, no
Wrong, right, black, white
On, off, hard, soft
Take, give, die, live,
Humanism, Darwinism,
Genesis creationism providentialism
Novelty creationism, supernaturalism
Anti-selectionism, spiritual religionism
One more time