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The Universal Heart and Mind

by Richard Haxton

We are many people. We speak with the voice of one
We face the same dilemma. We meet it all or none
Like birds in their flock, like fish in their school
We’ve moving to the rhythm of the unifying pool
Our thoughts are interchangeable. Our actions follow suit
Like the ancient creosote we’re connected at the root
At the very core of us the universal soul
We are imperfect parts that make the perfect whole
If evil attacks one of us the rest will all be there
When the anteater on the ant hill attacks us ants he’s brushing Ant Hillary’s hair
There is strength in numbers. Those alone don’t grow
We don’t know why we are this way and we don’t want to know
So won’t you come and join us. Come on in the water’s fine
Come and reap the benefits of the universal heart and mind