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Nary Nanny

by Richard Haxton

They was this boy, lived deep in the forest
And there wasn’t nobody for to take him in
So he got raised up by the squirrels and the rabbits
He learned to run and climb, not to fight to win
He’d climb a tree and sing

nary nanny, nary nanny, nary nanny

One day he got heard by this country music producer
Walking through the woods, not a hit in years
That dude hired some goons. Dragged that boy to Nashville
Put him on the stage, he’s at the top of his cage singing through his tears
nary nanny, nary nanny, nary nanny

Everybody said that boy was the real thang. Gonna be a star
Till a squirrel come along and chewed through the bars
They’re out in the woods singing
nary nanny, nary nanny, nary nanny