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Snowflakes in the Desert in August

by Richard Haxton

I live deep in the desert. This August heat is dire
If the AC can make it cold enough, I can build a fire
Cuz I’m a sentimental person with capital to burn
I like to sit near the flames with “The Art of War” And see if there’s anything left to learn

Snowflakes in the desert in August — that’s what I’m dreaming of
Is there nobody left in this lonely world that still cares about love?
Charlie, another mint julep. Frank Jr., come quick and fan
Why am I the only one that can show a caring hand?

Yes, I’m the one with the open heart and I only aim to please
William, get right on over here and put some salve on my disease
They say I do nothing to help but what about my strike force
And am I not the only man in this desert to build his own golf course? They can see it clear from the interstate, listen to them complain
That twelve foot electrified fence is only dangerous in the rain
And cuz it never rains I had to drain the aquifer just to fill up my lake
They better build my tower high enough, so my final thirst I can slake

Snowflakes in the desert in August
When my tower is complete
Snowflakes in the desert in August
Frank Jr., come rub my feet