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Artifacts of the Great Canyon

by Richard Haxton

We are walking through the Great Canyon, the very Canyon where the ancients once walked. All around us we experience the majesty that they experienced all those eons ago. Our faint hope is that we will find buried in this beauty some artifact that will unlock the mystery of the disappearance of that long did culture. Wait! There! In the rocks! A fleeting glint! We walked towards it, our hearts pounding, hoping against all hope. Can this be? Can this really be happening to us? We reached down between the large rocks and find a shiny metallic object. We can barely contain our excitement as we turn it over and examine the glyphs inscribed so long ago by the ancient ones. M...I...L...millennium, or may be 1049. And then we find D..R... the Druids, or a drachma possibly. We hold our breath as we uncover the third and all important group of symbols. G...E...N...U... our simultaneous cries echo off the canyon walls as we realize we've unlocked the mystery! This artifact is indeed genuine! This is the real thing! What we are holding is Miller Genuine Draft.