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Concrete Mountain

by Richard Haxton

I want to build a concrete mountain and paint it the color of rock
With floodlit plastic trees and bushes so it’s beautiful round the clock
Skies wide open for product placement and adjustable waterfalls
And a big self cleaning river, in case nature calls
I want lots of robot antelopes and automated big horn sheep
And rock faces where you change the slopes, some 4 wheelers don’t like it steep
And electronic sensor nets everywhere, if some hummer should take a plunge
And sense-around sound all around with classic corporate grunge

And it will be free for all rich people to enjoy
I just need a country with destitute people to employ
And it’s got to be flat where other mountains and hills are not
A lot like Iraq, after we make that into a parking lot

Free parking for any vehicle that gets less than ten miles per gallon
Come on down