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The World is Filled with Love

by Richard Haxton

I have to admit I have thought
He got killed ’cause he was stupid
But lately I’ve come to believe
They killed him because
They were temporarily crazy

The world is filled with love
Beautiful people doing beautiful things
Like they was send from up above
Life is a beautiful song for the one who sings

So I jewed him down but he welched on a bet
So I nigger-rigged his car
He hollered like a towel head. I drove like a Chink
Just to show him who the hell I are
I’m a redneck fool full of Sieg heil cool
Drinking shine from an old fruit jar
Till that beaner cop pulled me over and throwed me behind these bars
Now I ain’t no fag and I ain’t no geek or limp wrested gook from Hong Kong
But I let a little Greek pinch me on the cheek
And he showed me I was wrong
I stole a pencil from a drunk Dago and some paper from a Polak prong
And put everything down in the words of this little song
The world has got its ins and outs, got its ups and downs, but you got to let ’em pass
And if some low life mutha fucka plays with you
Just bitch slap their sorry ass