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by Richard Haxton

So many children cut down in their prime
So many in prison, no one knows the crime
The people can’t get a doctor, can’t cure their disease
Cuz you’re giving all their money to the oil companies

You bugged my house. You tapped my phone
Treat people like dogs, got ’em begging for a bone

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me til you’re satisfied

Anybody tries to lay the truth down
Your machine makes ‘em out a fool and a clown
You’re taxing all the poor to fill the rich one’s purse
It’s just a fairy tale, Robin Hood in reverse
You want me to be true to you
When all you’re asking my government to do is just

Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me til you’re satisfied
You don’t listen to the people’s cries
Safe and warm in your blanket of lies
You could change. Get a handle on it
But you really don’t give a shit