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Shut U Up Shut U Down

by Richard Haxton

Me, I sell people everything they don’t need
Wanna sell them a bandage, got to get them to bleed
So you target the armpits, the crotch, and the feet
Tell them that’s the location where they’re incomplete
They buy your product. It’ll make them smile
They may go out sooner, but they’ll go in style
It ain’t even real. Just an indoor sport
Where the only referees are those four reports

And the world doesn’t care if you’re lost or found
You can’t let it shut you up before it shuts you down

Me, I’m gonna be thirty early in the next year
It’s the culmination of my long career
But just because I’m getting kinda long in the tooth
Doesn’t mean I have to stop fabricating the truth
I watch the demographic go from lower to low
Cuz you can find more suckers, yo, the lower you go
If I show my bosses that I’m still alive
Maybe I can make it all the way to thirty five