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Aria for the Elevation of Man

by Richard Haxton

I am a big manly man
And I am a small girly girlamente
I have voted since the country began
I got the right to vote in 1920

I am quite strong and can cause great physical harm
I am very weak and can barely lift my arm
I have many large hairs covering my face and body
The hairs covering my face are very small and the ones covering my body are… well… some of them are… never mind

I have this penis and two potent testicles
All I have is this vagina and some ovaries
I can run very fast and jump very high
I run slower and jump lower

I am very brave and never cry
I weep at the drop of a hat. Have you a hankie? Statistically speaking my earning power should be 15 to 50 per cent higher than yours
I just knew you were looking for a raise, you big galoot
Now kindly get the hell out of my office, can’t you see I’m busy

We each have our little imperfections

But we manage to muddle through
We populated the earth and then we die
Things may change slowly
But, believe me, change they do