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Basic Cable

by Richard Haxton

I didn’t know I had a life or what it was all about
Until that dark and fateful night my power went out
I sat there in my living room and though I could not see
I’d stared at the big black hole where my TV used to be

I missed all the comforting terrifying things it said
And then something even worse — a thought entered my head
It was just a tiny thought about the way I used to be
But it bounced around those empty walls until it was filling me

So I got up from my easy chair and I walked outside
My neighbors all were in their yards. There was no place to hide
I heard some call to me — Hey are you OK
And I heard myself answer — Maybe it’s better this way

Then someone said — Come over. We’re gonna build a fire
Then I was in their circle.       I began to feel inspired
We talked of many things, though we hardly knew each other
About a world that lived in peace, like sisters and brothers

The lights went on from the power grid like the coming of the dawn
They said — We’d love to stay and chat, but our favorite program’s on
And I saw my life through different eyes — what it could have been
If only I were a stronger, if I did not give in

And sometimes when the show is done and the pitch is being made
I say I won’t live this way another day. I’m gonna upgrade

Basic cable basic cable basic cable
is killing me