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by Richard Haxton

I bleeped the bleep out of your lovely bleep till I could not bleep no more
You wrapped your bleep around my bleeper. We started bleeping on the floor
I love the taste of your bleeping bleep when your bleeps are in the air
So I can bleep you better when you bleep my bleep till we’re bleeping everywhere

We’re bleeping, we’re bleeping all night long
Cuz when somebody’s bleeping that beautiful bleep you don’t care if it’s right or wrong
But if all of us quit bleeping we’d be gone before too long
And there is no way you can convey the full cascade of bleeping in this song

So I guess we’ll keep grabbing ahold of each other’s bleeps like the Romans do in Rome
And I guess we’ll just keep on bleeping till the cows come home
Even though it’s nasty