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Mammals Suck

by Richard Haxton

Reptiles crawl and mammals suck
But there’s only one mammal that can drive a truck
And they’ll drive all night just to find a tit
Mammals suck that’s the size of it
So if you’re a mammal
Been walking all day
Need to get somewhere that’s far away
And you decide you want to ride a bit
Just find you a mammal in search of a tit
That has a truck
Cuz mammals suck

Say you’re a CEO. You want to move your goods
You got to bring them mammals out of the woods
You got to repack their inner luggage
To control the nature of their suckage
You know they know all about the breast
Take them from tit to TiVo. They’ll be impressed
Just dangle a breast to put them in the mood
They’ll mistake that crap you sell for food
Got to repack their inner luggage
To harness up the power of the suckage
Then you can make the buck
Cuz mammals suck