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My God Can Whup your God (or Gods)

by Richard Haxton

Team Jesus and Muhammad decide to fight it out
Team Moses says not without me
Team Buddha and Confucius run out on the field
They’re looking for a referee
Team Zoroaster, Black Elk and Bahá'u'lláh
Team shaman, Reverend Moon and Lao Tse
Are all saying they’ve got the toughest god
Now I guess they’re gonna see

My god can whup your god
So the whistle blows and the heavens open wide
And the guy with the white beard says
Why go looking for a reason for breaking heads
When you can break some bread instead
So they sweep all their differences under the rug
And then they have a big group hug
And then they all get together to kick Karl Marx’s butt
I guess they’re still working out the bugs

My god can whup your god (or gods)