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We Recycle

by Richard Haxton

We recycle
I’m standing on the watch tower with my megaphone
Greeting everybody coming in
Whether you’re a failure or want to go back home
If your whole life is over, here your new life begins
We’re a combination cemetery / compost heap and more
Got the latest gossip. Got the latest news
You wouldn’t believe some of the things that have washed up on our shore
We’ll take anything that anyone can use
We’ve got radios, TV’s dogs and cats, children, women men
We’ve got wrist watches, kitchenware, pillows, sheets and clothes We’ll take it here no matter what kind of shape it’s in
And our specialty is we recycle souls
So take anything you want everything is free
Stay as long as you like, all you have to do is choose
If it’s just a few minutes or the rest of eternity
Everybody’s always welcome, so what have you got to lose
We’ll try to make you comfortable, make you feel at home
I know we’ll find the right thing for you
But the door is always open if your soul needs to roam
Though recycling is our specialty, we burn and bury too

We recycle
Did somebody throw you away?