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Spring in your Fall

by Richard Haxton

Tell me why does your flock of birds, why does your school of fish
Why do your reels on the slot machine turn at the same time?
Is it the hand of God? Is it a twist of fate?
Or is it a salable skill that can be yours, but now is mine?

You all know you’re gonna lose, that you’re just living to be dying
So why do so many of you choose to hang in there and keep on trying?
Is it the big reward in the sky? Or is it just one more chance to get laid?
Is it for a bigger piece of the pie? Or is it just to get your mortgage paid?

I can answer your questions soon. I can get you out of your fix
Everybody take your hymnal and turn to page 666

You can have it now
You can have it all
If you just sign on the dotted line
I can put some spring in your fall
You need some spring in your fall