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The City on the Hill

by Richard Haxton

So I sold my heart and sold my butt, did not ask what or why
Told myself that everything I did, I did just to survive
Told myself that everything is fine if I keep it in context
Then I was shocked that I got locked out when they passed out the respects

It all depends on the game you're playing, and who controls the ball
Whether you’re standing on the corner where the hookers meet or on a million dollar call
With big numbers it’s easy to con yourself, and big numbers do come back
Till your shining castle on the hill’s a shill for some corporate shack

You only go around once, get it while you can
Everybody’s doing it, grab the hand
Just shake the shake, whoa, they shook you down
Your tombstone reads, “corporate clown”

In a hundred years when the company’s gone
And you’re forgotten, and they need a song
And they run across yours, they won’t need your name
Cuz by then your shame will be public domain

It may take a little while till the promise is fulfilled
George Washington smiles from the dollar bill
But I ain’t gonna buy it cuz now I know the drill
Cuz everybody’s smiling in the city on the hill