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do it fast

by Richard Haxton

I speed read the fools and the greats
Cruised the Louvre at eighty mph
A thousand nights were like a minute to me
I laughed in the face of eternity

Had a hundred women in one night
I was fast as your average satellite
That's ten women in less than an hour
Don Juan would envy my power

If you're gonna do it do it do it
If you're gonna do it do it fast
If you're gonna do it do it do it
Do it fast cuz nothing lasts

I listened to music at triple speed
Melody and harmony I don't need
I saw everything. I was fierce and bold
And only lived to be six months old

That was all I needed to become a sage
Cuz life is a level, just a stage
And life was always boring to me
Now I'm roaring through hell in my SUV


Fuck the fine points and subtleties
Don't cross your ‘I’s don't dot your ‘T’s
You gotta jam you gonna do it all
Spin the moon like a tether ball