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All My People

by Richard Haxton

All my people have been with me right along
What don’t kill them always makes them strong
Though some don’t make it, maybe they’re better off dead
To understand it, come on inside my head

First you got your good guys, who are just like me
They wear the white hats and believe in democracy
Then you got your bad guys all dressed in black
They spend their time thinking evil thoughts sometimes they have to be whacked

So my kids must kill them and throw them in a ditch
To protect all of us good guys that Jesus made real rich
God thinks we’re better so he gave us most of the dough
We operate on the principle - if it hurts you, you don’t know

Never doubt me and I’ll take you to the light
May sound crazy but if I say it, it must be right
All my people understand and they all agree
That the truth is confusing unless it is told by me