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Akiyu (Duvian for “peace”)

by Richard Haxton

You are black. I am white. Akiyu. You are red. I am blue. Akiyu. You are blue. I am grey. Akiyu. You are Chief. I am Cowboy Akiyu. You have no penis. I have penis. Akiyu. You have what? Akiyu, Akiyu, Akiyu

You like Jesus. I like Muhammed. Akiyu
You like Muhammed. I like Krishna. Akiyu You like Krishna. I like Buddha. Akiyu. You like Buddha. I like Confucius. Akiyu. You like Confucius. I like Tao. Akiyu. You no like
Akiyu, Akiyu, Akiyu

You like forest. I like job. Akiyu.
You like redwood. I like hot tub. Akiyu. You have skin. I need shoes. Akiyu. You have habit. I sell tobacco. Akiyu. You are postman. I am dog. Akiyu
You bring bad news...
Akiyu, Akiyu, Akiyu

You no have legs. I have 2 legs. Akiyu.
You have 2 legs. I have 4 legs. Akiyu. You have 4 legs. I have six legs. Akiyu
You have six legs. I have eight legs. Akiyu.
You have eight legs. I have two legs. Akiyu You have one leg. Akiyu. You write bad review... Akiyu, Akiyu, Akiyu

You make mistake. I am state. Akiyu.
I make mistake. I am state. Akiyu. It's for your own good... Akiyu, Akiyu, Akiyu