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We Are the Government

by Richard Haxton

We’re here to let you know that you are in our space
Everything got to go. You’ll have to find a new life . You’ll have to find a new place
Take your legacy and your name. Don’t make us call out swat
You grandpa ought to be ashamed cuz he built his home in the future Wal-mart parking lot

We are the government. We’d like to think we’re here to help
We are the government. We are the people you’re somebody else

You ain’t done nothing wrong. That’s why there ain’t no fine
One family can only own a home so long. And a hundred years is eternity in corporate time

We are the government. Did we make our position clear?
We are the government. We want you out by the end of the year
We are the government. So what’s a few more refugees?
We are the government. We’re keeping the company free
Country free, company free, whatever