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Why God Made Me Your Preacher

by Richard Haxton

People are simple and corrupt
But god in his wisdom fixed that up
You don’t have to worry bout what you’re missing
That you ain’t got a pot to piss in
That you ride the bus and I drive a Cadillac
Cuz you know your preacher’s got you back
If it’s Washington where I need to get
I can get here quick in my corporate jet
Cuz it’s an eye for an eye tooth for a tooth
Them eye doctors and dentists are speaking the truth
The death penalty’s good, abortion is bad
Don’t give one the chance the other never had
If you could see the faces that don’t grow up
You’d know there’s places you need to blow up
So won’t you join us and sing our song
A hundred thousand can’t be wrong
I wish you could talk to God direct, but he ain’t home
He’s out in the desert hiding dinosaur bones
To get the good word you need a good teacher

And that’s why God made me your preacher