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Piece of the Night

by Richard Haxton

In a dusty trailer village just outside a bayou town
I’m born in a lightning storm, the rain is coming down
Mama dies when I am three. The neighbor takes me in
He mixes the redemption and the sin

He throws me out when I am twelve. ‘You’re evil don’t come back‘
I’m living on my knees. The sky is going black
But the light of Polaris always pulls me through
When you’re lost you do what you have to do

One night I have a vision that points me to the way
Its says I’ll light all my tomorrows from the fire of yesterday
So to the proper parties I want to give some thanks
If you don’t hear your name, you fill in the blanks

Thanks for all you did for me
For everything you let me see
If I should die before the light
Thank you for this piece of the night