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Follow the Mountain

by Richard Haxton

Lost on a street downtown. All I want is to go home
I find an unlocked warehouse. I think I’m all alone
A man says — Hey what are you doing? I say — I’m just looking ’round
In his hand he holds a pistol. Is he gonna shoot me down?
He says — Come out where I can see you. We both step out into the light
I can’t believe it, my childhood friend is a security guard at night
I say — Is this what I gotta do to reach you? You haven’t returned my calls in years
But he doesn’t smile, no more questions. And he wipes away his tears
I say — I want to go back home.
I’m out here on my own
He says — Follow me to the roof.
He points his hand, says — I have no proof, but if you just

Follow the mountain
The tall one covered with snow
Keep your eyes on the mountain
It will show you where to go
Just follow the mountain
And you will be all right
Keep your eyes on the mountain
That mountain is my guiding light